Monday, 17 September 2007

Paranormal Egypt

Did anyone see "Paranormal Egypt" on one of the satellite channels last night. Starring Derek Acorah and Tessa Dunlop, what a load of camel dung it was. (In my opinion)
First of all D&T are on the outside of one of the pyramids. T asked D could he sense anything. So he put both his hands against the pyramid and he said he could feel loads of energy as if it was a site where many many men laboured 24 x 7, get away Derek, really. My old history teacher must have been physic as he told me the same thing when we were studying egyptian pyramids. They then ventured inside the pyramid (are you scared yet) and climbed to the queens chamber. D said he could detect an unknown smell before entering, the next camera shot was D actually entering the chamber from the outside. (There's your answer of the smell anyway, the cameraman) He looked around the chamber and announced he could feel the sense of Royalty, get away Derek, really in the queens chamber. Then onto the kings chamber where Derek came under some kind of trance and climbed into an empty sarcophagus. Through his trance he mentioned that some ancient Egyptian called Khufu used to reside in the sarcophagus (I thought he'd asked for coffee to be honest) All a bit scary. While all this is going on T keeps asking the question "Where's his mummy, where's his mummy" With her being blonde I wasn't quite sure if she was asking about his mummified remains or his ma .....

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