Friday, 14 September 2007

Sat Nav

As I had said in a previous post, my wife and daughter are going to a big scary castle on a ghost searching trip with the NIPS ( Northern Ireland Paranormal Society) The trip is tomorrow. I was quite taken aback when I was asked by my wife for the lone of my Garmin Street Pilot navigation system ......
I thought a spirt guide would have shown the way?


Anonymous said...

Got myself a sat nav to help me get around Kent. What a waste of money, all this time i had one in the car called Karen!!!!!
"turn here" 25ft pass the corner, "go left i mean right no keep going", "look rabbits, keep your eyes on the road". The only problem is i cant find the off button


bubblesqueaker said...

At least your own "person"al sat nav worked. On this particular trip the automated one was on holiday or blocked as she kept doing U Turns. Ended up relying on the Spirit Guide (who must have been drinking spirits alright) as it took us round a large lough for 20 miles in a circle.

Think next time i'll print and highlight the map!