Thursday, 20 September 2007

Public Transport

It makes a nice change to leave the the old environmentally damaging car at home and get the bus to work. Sit down, put the ear phones in and watch a bit of video on my new 80Gb ipod classic (Thought I mention the ipod) I have to say it started great as the bus pulled up, doors opened and a lady driver saying good morning, what a change from the usual grunt I would normally receive from the male drivers. A nice steady drive into town, leaving any road rage that had to be had to the driver. The only downside was the ignorance of a passenger (Young adult) who just sat down and feet and backpack straight onto the seat in front. (It was raining, so his kebs were wet) I pointed out to him (in a polite manor, after I'd taken the photo for the blog) that other people had to sit down on the seat his wet feet were on. He put his feet down, got up, lifted his bag and moved to another seat ..... Result

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