Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday The 13th

No, it's not the horror film I'm on about. Do you feel any fear when the dreaded (By many) day looms. Friday the 13th, whats so bad about that date. There is a guy I know who refuse's to leave the safety of his four walls and always takes the day off work. If it's going to happen it WILL happen. I think it's a bonus no mater what day it is if we can open our eye's and climb out of bed (Unless the bed is positioned beside a cliff that is) Someone else told me their friend is flying to the USA today. I did point out the old saying "You'll not go before your time" then I thought what happens if it's the pilot time?
I don't mind the 13th, whatever date it falls on.



waferino said...

I am sooooo glad I didn't have that second wine!!!

Weeeelcome back!!!!

wee dolly bird! said...

AHHHHHHHH!! yahoooooooooooo!!
We are so so glad you are bac!!WOOP WOOP!! Go Grumpy Go Grumpy!!x:+}

Gazmagoo said...

welcome back.