Thursday, 19 March 2009


IKEA the word that strikes fear into my heart... I had to go to collect a cooker hood my little swamp duck had been waiting on for over a month. They had three in stock (Or so they said) so off I went.
After negotiating my way through evening traffic and trying to avoid vehicles driven by Ignoranus's (That's persons who are both stupid and an a*s*oles) and there were plenty out.
Anyway, arrived at IKEA and the car park was reasonably empty. (Happy days I thought)
Into flat pack hell I went to be met by a person who instructed me to go to the checkout, pay for the item I wanted, then wait at the collection point for my order. (Happy days I thought)
Made my way to the checkout and wow, how the hell did all these people get here with so little cars in the car park. Anyway, queued up, waited my turn to be told by the person at the checkout "You've to go to the kitchen area and pay for the item then go to the collection point" etc etc. AGGGHHHHH... Off I went (Wish I'd my sat nav with me) it's a maze. Eventually I found the kitchen area waited my turn and the person said "I check if it's in stock" my heart dropped.
But it was, I paid for it, collected it, brought it home, It can stay in the box for now....

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wee dolly bird said...

lol so your saying if ya wanna go there,go for the day..cuz you'll blumming well need to to find your way bac out..i thought you had to follow "the yellow brick road"?
ohh drama,drama,drama!!lol x:+}