Monday, 30 March 2009

Like Old Times

It was like old times tonight going home from work. The bad old times that is. Listening to traffic and travel about the roads that are closed due to security alerts. It made me think the places that were mention in the bulletin were in fact close to cop shops. "Right" I thought to myself, how can get home without having to go near theses alerts. I was doing quite well until I got to the Oldpark. car's turning ahead, that can only mean one thing. I was right. Police car across the road and of course the usual tape from lamp to lamp. I was nearly home. I thought I'd nip through Ardyone and loop back. All's going well yet again til I get into Etna Drive, and an old site brought a tear to my eye. There was a van smoldering at the end of the drive. (Memories)
I never stopped to take a photo for the blog, I'm sure you understand why.... But I found a picture of the said van on a news website

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