Sunday, 29 March 2009

Norn Iron

Good old Norn Iron (Northern Ireland) a result of 3 - 2 against Poland. First time since 1991 they've beaten Poland. Pity the game had it's fair share of the mindless oil tankers, who were only there to cause trouble (Both sides) including the ficko who threw something (May have been his last remaining brain cell) at one of the officials. It was reported he was identified and expelled from the ground at half time. (I wonder did he get a smacked bottom?) as I sure our justice system will let him away with a "Who's a bad boy then"....

The final whistle had just been blown when I got the following text message.

Ticket £20, Program £5, Replica Shirt £38, Drink & Food £15

Watching Boruc making a complete arse of things......... PRICELESS


waferino said...

what does a real shirt cost if a replica one is £38 GBP???????

Grumpyhead said...

They say that 63.34% of statistics are made up on the spare of the moment, so I suppose the same can be said about real shirt prices

waferino said...

HOLY MOLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!In SHOCK