Friday, 27 March 2009

Manchester Stupnited Fan

As if the poor old Man U fans haven't had enough grief over the last few weeks. (Me being one) I read this article about a fan who did some cyber romancing on good old Bakebook, only to be..... (Well I'll let you read the article for yourself)
Though I think Stuart may have the last laugh at the end of the season..... COM ON THE DEVILS


wee dolly bird said...

Aye..good ole Bakebook...n stupid eejit!! Thank goodness the majority of us mufc fans have it screwed on..thru the bad 'n the good lad..thru the bad 'n the good!!x:+/
Except at 6 Nations Rugby time of year...hehehe x:+}

waferino said...

What a doirty rat. Serves him right for trying to cheat on the missus. If I was her I'd knock his BAKE in!!

wee dolly bird said...

Knock his bake off Waferino!! Grr!!