Friday, 22 October 2010

Turkey Here We Come

Started off with waking at 05.10. I tried to get back to sleep but not possible as the thought of the travel to Turkey tonight was so exciting. Got out of bed leaving my little swamp duck sleeping her widdle head off. Bless her.After checking my fish (Two passed away this week) I made myself a cuppa and checked Facebook out. (Yep sad I know) but chatted to my mate Jay. The early bird catches the worm.. but then again, the second mouse gets the cheese.

After a WS&S I got ready for my walk into town to get a haircut. Stopped off at Harlem cafe for yet another cuppa. Head cut (Yes I know) met the Son-In Law then off for breakfast to the Avoca. After my breakfast bap it was back home to finish off packing.
Been years since I’ve had to do a school run but today was the day. Picked my teacher daughter up at her East Belfast School then back to ours to break open the Cava before the taxi arrived to take us to the Belfast (Sort-of) International Airport. Steve the driver was a man after my own heart, he hated every other driver on the road. (My type of guy).

Had checked in online so was just a case (Ha ha Case) of dropping the cases off at the desk and getting to departures. Yeah right, the women before us had to open their cases and cross load stuff so there was no surcharge for overweight luggage.
So that plan never worked.I’m all in favour of top level security BUT, took the shoes off etc etc and forgot about my belt. The red light flashed and I then got everything bar the total strip search. I didn’t mind, only the guy said “Don’t be embarrassed sir, an erection is normal after a search like this” I said “WHAT, I don’t have one of those”. He replied “Who said anything about you” (Only joking BTW)
Anyway straight to the bar for a drink, £19 +, at least Dick Turpin wore a mask. Bought some chocolates for the flight. Waited on the tarmac for an hour for a driver topush the plane back off it's stand. (Well it is Belfast)
On the flight now just over and passing the IOM (Isle Of Man). Champagne delivered (3 bottles) and the ladies are happy. Brownie Points earned (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED)
Roll on Turkey, Grumpyhead is on his way.

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