Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bath Time

Got to spent a little longer than normal in bed this morning. Up at around 08:30 and out for a stroll before breakfast. Had decided today I’d try and be partly good with regards to food, it lasted until breakfast. So much food here, the mind was strong but the body weak so I ate as if there is no tomorrow.
Picked up by minibus, to take us to our Turkish bath at Rayola Turkish Bath Complex about 20 minutes from our hotel. All I can say is WOW. On arrival we were taken to a room to be welcomed and told about other services that were available.(lol, yeah I thought that too)Anyway, I went for the extra massage and Turkish shave which was at least 50 Tlr (£25) cheaper than the spa at the hotel. AMAZING, it was fantastic. Felt like a new person (But, that wasn’t included in the price.. boom the minibus driver to drop us off in Bodrum so we could do a recce for the up and coming visit to the market on Tuesday.
Found a cafe with Wi-Fi (And Kebabs) to check out Facebook and update the blog. A few pints later I didn’t care about the WWW.Caught the #2 bus (Mini) which is the one for the Rixos. Onboard were other people including a few Jocks and this clampet from the Antrim Road who would only talk about the Old Firm game. (Shit I just didn’t need while on holiday) Soon sorted with a few sarcastic lines, by the time they got off, I felt I’d done a great job. (Much to the anger of my widdle swamp duck) I didn’t start the crap, but I did finish it in true Grumpyhead
Back to the hotel to have a couple of beer, freshen up and go for dinner...

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