Friday, 29 October 2010

Last Day

Last day of the holiday arrived with a hangover, so glad the ladies wanted to have a final morning in Bodrum to gather some last minute presses.
Started off with breakfast and the finishing of the packing (My LSD had most of it already done while I was enjoying my last night in the bar). Checked out and then a short walk to the activities area for the airgun tournament. (Wish I’d brought my balaclava)
Us, English, German and an Italian, no not an re-enactment of you know what. I couldn’t hit a cow on the arse with a big stick. Son-in-law did ok but everyone was out gunned by the English lady, I didn’t mind but think the rest had their male pride dented.
The girls came back just in time for lunch, then we all hit the Spa. Swim and Steam room etc. A relaxing evening in the bar after dinner, we got picked up around 22.45 to take us to Bodrum Airport.
On the whole the holiday was fantastic, and the Rixos Bodrum was the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at.

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