Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Alcohol free day today. (Can’t afford to have two red cards in a row) Relaxed again at the Spa while the women went into Bodrum shopping. Had a full body aromatherapy massage this afternoon. 50% of Spa prices. The beautiful girl came around the pool offering this discount, how could one refuse. I waited until it was my turn thinking?.. (Well, maybe it’s better if we don’t go there)...
I lay waiting for my masseur, OMW, the door opened and this person with the body of an Olympic athlete walked into the treatment room. Unfortunately it was a body of a Russian shot-putter. What made even scarier was...... it was a guy. 70 minutes later, after the best ever rub down I’ve had, I felt great.
My little swamp duck tried to get me to take a drink all night but,I stuck to my guns just to make her feel bad.. Reverse physiology... works every time
Bet tomorrow I could have beer for breakfast without as much as a sideward glance.... I’ll give it a go and let you

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