Monday, 25 October 2010


Up at first light and down to the island for a relaxing read of my Chris Evans book. Passing the pool I noticed ye old beach towels already on four of the sun loungers. (The master race up before me)
A little overcast at first but never the less, a fantastic start to the day. Lazed about the hotel complex and took some photos while my LSD went to the Spa
Snorkelling after lunch (Old wives tale about swimming after food) great fun and more fish to see than the time I was in the Caribbean. Then I decided to cross another item off my bucket list. JET SKIING, son-in-law and I got two JS’s for fifteen minutes. Only rules were to stay at least 300 meters from anything. Done and dusted, and at 60 knots felt like my arse was sucking the jet ski up. GREAT FUN.
Tomorrow is market day in Bodrum so heading in so my LSD can play her skill of getting bargains. Me, beer and internet will be order of the trip.

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