Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Market Day Turkish Style

Headed into Bodrum for the infamous Tuesday market. From the minute we go off the bus we were confronted with great sayings from the many many marketeers. Cheap as chips, cheaper than Matalan, cheaper than Asda, cheaper than Primark, cheap shite and the one that did shock me, Cheaper than your Paki shop. (Honest, I could not believe one of the stall owners said the last remark) Had a laugh around the market as the sellers fleaced some of the unsuspecting tourists.
On into Bodrum after the market for some free internet and a couple of beer. Ladies went around the more pricey shops and spent some cash. Son in law went for a Turkish shave.
On return to the hotel found out our boat trip tomorrow has be cancelled due bad weather coming. The good news is it will brighten up in the afternoon. Got a new T shirt .......

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