Thursday, 13 August 2009

Ahoy There

The Tall Ships have arrived... A cannon going off signaled the start of the four day celebrations.
Tried to walk around to see the ships today (Along with thousands of other people) space is little and if you have the time to queue for ages for the burger or other food that's on sale and pay the hyped up price this is the place to be.
I even bought an ice cream from one of the many vans at £1.50 for a 99, was it worth it?....nah....
Wait and go late, you may be entertained by some drunks I saw, I even had to explain to a guy where the portaloos are as he was urinating into a hedge feet from the main road... (Filth bag) ... and that was at 8.30pm... whats the place going to be like later on.......

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