Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sail Away

At last, the ships are gone. Four days of this nautical festival are finally over. I almost shed a tear as I spotted the arse end (Stern) of the last vessel sailing off into the distance. Looking back over the four days I'm sure the crowds who attended spent a fortune. Trying to get something to eat or drink was like a task out of the Krypton Factor, only the smart won the race to the till. I'm sure all the catering staff at the event got fed up with joe public. I found a great spot for coffee in the form of a stall set up by The Street. It was always easier to go to the stall rather than queue in their cafe. What I didn't like was the milk sat in a big open jug on a table set aside from the stall for all who wanted to, spit, flick their bogies or drop anything of their choice into the jug. I asked each time for a coffee with milk and watched as the milk came out of a covered container from behind the stall. Today was the first time I was told "You get the milk from the jug" I said "I don't think so, I want it from the covered container"... (I got the look of death, and the milk from the container)

Everything was so costly, one of the night returning to the Giant's Park (park n ride) an ice cream van was waiting and I heard a 99 call out to me so I had to have one. £1.50 for a bog standard ice cream cone (Poke) with a bottom of the range chocolate flake stuck into it. I admit it was nice.

By the way, Giant's Park is the main council dump......

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