Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Dont Talk To Strangers

How often have you said that to your children, (If you have any that is) but yet at some event's you actually encourage you offspring to do just that. Take Christmas for instance. Some old fat boy in a red suit sitting on a chair and I have had first hand experience of seeing parents forcing, yes forcing their sprogs onto fat boy's knee so they can get a photo for the album.
Do we really know who the hell is inside the suit? The reason I thought I'd blog on this brings me back to the Tall Shits (Oops Ships)
This good old friendly bear (Photo) was walking around shaking hands, patting kids on heads and getting hugs. Later the same bear was observed (By not only myself but by a couple of my work colleagues) going into a public portable toilet marked disabled, along with its two young female handlers. The trio stayed in the loo for at least 40 minutes before leaving. (I suppose to shake more hands and pat more heads) What were they doing in the den for that length of time?. your guess is as good as mine.

Hug the bear, NO BLOODY WAY...


Gazmagoo said...

Maybe he was a bear with a sore... Head !! And maybe his wee helpers were just comforting him in a dark room ??

wdb said...!!