Saturday, 15 August 2009

Boats R Us Day 3

The weather was fantastic all day, brought the people out yet again.. Everyone seemed to be in great form (Which is something new for this place) Lots of music today in the form of a band of the Sea Cadets, which I have to say were fantastic. BBC Radio Ulster had more outside broadcasts today and more presenters playing music after the station was off the air.. loads to entertain the crowds.

In the afternoon there was a record breaking attempt to see if Belfast could gather over 1500 Pirates in the one place... Think I saw about 50... hard luck guys... so many people did put a lot of effort into the Captain Jack Sparrow look but I don't think it was very well publicised, pity someone hadn't flooded facebook with the idea, I recon there's not much chance of using the Internet on the "Black Pearl" (If you know what I mean)
Lots of demonstrations from the various emergency services like the Ambulance service attending the countless number of people taking ill at the event, the PSNI enforcing the "It's our way or no way rule" The NI Fire Service showed what to do in the event of a chip pan fire, they also had a make up car accident.... What I did notice was the location of it... right in front of the fairground dodgems..... well it was Cullens dodgems

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Squib said...

That dodgems/crash picture is hilarious!!