Saturday, 8 August 2009

Drug Scum

How can this government expect a drop in the drugs related crime when they go out of their way to accommodate the scum that walk our earth pedaling drugs and then expect help when the shit hits the fan. This week they (The Government) put their arse out of joint to help a convicted pregnant Briton jailed on drugs charges in Laos to get home to the UK to finish serving her sentence. She is alleged to have laughed when she got off the plane, and is it any wonder?
God bless her unborn child, but I bet I have more concern for the child than she does.
These drugs, cause death, destruction and heartache to many families across the world. So why should our taxes be used to help these drug carriers..... Let them rot in jail in whichever country they are convicted in .... (In my opinion)
The government help this scum while our troops are sent into conflict in all parts of the world' and are put in danger because of the financial restraints imposed on military chiefs...
Yeah it's the right thing to do, lets spend money to help the drug scum....... Roll on the next election.....

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