Friday, 7 August 2009

Bus Stop Parking

Have you ever been driving behind a bus when it just stops directly in front of you to pick passengers up, instead of pulling into a stop first. Nine times out of ten it's because some donkey orifice has had no thought for either the bus or the people waiting to board. Think of the difficulty pensioners, mothers and toddlers and people with mobility problems have when the bus cannot get to the kerb.
I was on our good old public transport today and travelling up the Antrim Road, saw this van parked not just at a bus stop but very nearly on it. I would normally smudge out identification marks of vehicles, but this time I thought I'd leave it......


wee dolly bird said...

Donkey orifice indeed!!!x:-/
Also..."Classic" example of one!!lol
Come on, you were thinking it!!!

Grumpyhead said...

Of course I was, just wanted to see if anyone else picked it