Friday, 25 July 2008

Late Post

Remember when the post used to arrive as you would be having a boiled egg or something else for breakfast, and the lovely postman used to leave the larger packages around the back of the house that wouldn't fit through the letter box. Not anymore. Those were the days when you had the same posty everyday, now you're lucky if you have the same one every week let alone at the same time everyday. I know with all the thieving scumbags knocking about today it's more than their jobs worth to leave a package unattended before they have your signature for it. They also used to try next door to get your neighbour to sign for it. Not anymore. They would rather you put more pollution into the air by making you travel to the sorting office to collect it....
I may get the bike out tomorrow and cycle to collect it. The only problem is it's all up hill on the way back (Hopefully it will rain tomorrow and I'll have to take the car)

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