Monday, 14 July 2008

My Trip Away

What an experience I've had. Going to the Slimming World Man of the Year finals made me realise how lucky I really am in life.
When I arrived at Slimming World HQ (Near Derby) first I was weighed, then my height and waist measurements were taken. Then it was off to a photo shoot, had my photo taken with Kym Marsh (Michelle from Corrie Street) then it was off to meet the other guys at the finals. 86 guys in total from a mere 6000 Slimming World groups with a combined weight loss of 486 and a half stone.
We broke off into smaller groups and had to tell our story about why we wanted to lose weight and what we think about food optimising etc. I felt really humble when I heard the stories from the other members. Between life saving health reasons and tragic events in peoples lives my weight loss journey was a breeze compared to them. 12 people were selected to go forward for a final group. In the end the guy who won had 15 stone off, congratulations to him .... In all honesty, everyone present was a winner in their own right ... Well done guys....
At lunch the food was fantastic with everything marked red or green for us food optimising people. We were presented with a bottle of champagne and a framed certificate each.

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weedollybird said...

Well done you!! Good to see you hada great time!!