Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Out Of My Teens

Back from my weigh in at Slimming World with another 1 and a half lb off. This is very special to me as I've now crossed over yet another stone barrier. I'm now in my 12 stone area and now for the second time in my life out of my teens (First time it was age, now it's weight) lol. I really can't remember the last time I was this weight.
When I got on the scales tonight it flickered between 13 st and 12st 13 and a half lb, but then settled at 13.
I fired off my shirt, it was a half monty (Suprised onlookers, and myself) but it worked and I'm now 12st 13 and a half lb (OFFICIAL)

6 st 5 and a half lb off


weedollybird said...

Thats so so good Grumps!! I'm sure those women in the front row got a right treat when you shed the did you get on trying to get them shirts back in the bag btw??lolx:+}

foxy lady said...

Hello grumpyhead,

that is really well done on loosing all that weight well done!! congratulations!!

i am sure those onlookers enjoyed their surprise you gave them lol

weedolly bird said...

Well,well well,you have hidden talents...when were you gunna tell us you could sing??? x:+}

grumpyhead said...

Sing?? don't know what you