Saturday, 26 July 2008

Opp's, Lovely Day

Got out of bed this morning to a glorious day. Sun splitting the trees, so true to my word out came the bike and off I set to collect my parcel. Not bad I was nearly wrote off only twice on the way to the sorting office. I don't know if it's because I've lost the weight that some car drivers can't see me on the bike or their eyes are just painted on. (I wish I drove a large vehicle I could get my own back on the car drivers)...(Oh that's right I do, and I do)
After picking the package up I went for a swim at the gym (Hey, poetry or what) after the swim I felt great so it was time for the long trek home (All up hill). Cut onto the heel and ankle, near the junction with Agnes Street the traffic was building up. This people carrier (DLA car) passed me with it's window open and flute band music at the top volume, followed by a boy racer in his red 1.1 corsa with his window open and bass music also at top volume, I'm sure his doors were going in and out. I have to say It took my mind off the traffic and the hill, but I have to admit It made me go that little bit faster as I thought the driver of Shankill Road True Blues noticed me laughing....

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