Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Time Out

I took a week long break. Weather was awful, so not a chance of getting the exterior painting that needs done finished or any of the jobs done around the garden. It was a real lazy week, I even stayed clear of blogging (I'm sure nobody noticed)
We did get out shopping though. Let me tell you about Thursday .... Carol and I were asked to do an interview for a local radio programme (About our weight loss) so it was arranged for Thursday. After it was done and dusted, went into the Victoria Square and decided to hit the Oyster bar. Had some oyster shots and a couple glasses of bubbly... (Oh dear, my LSD wasn't partaking in the beverages so she was the self elected driver for the day) Went to check out the Cathedral Quarter for drinkies and eaties for future reference...
First stop The Merchant (In fact, we stayed there and had dinner).. The meal was fantastic and the service exceptional.. (As was the wine list) This great night was finished off with a visit to the John Hewitt (And a couple more glasses)...
Friday it emptied down and so we went to Ballymena to check the shops out (Why, I've know idea) with umbrella at the ready off we went. Had lunch (Open prawn sarny) then the weather seemed to pick up when we got back so we had a BBQ for two.
Saturday we had friends over for a great dinner (Cooked by the best chef I know, my LSD) we saw the sun rise at 4.45 as we were heading to bed.
The down side to all this high living is that I may have weight on tomorrow night and my Slimming World group, but hey, I'm re-focused now so that's what matters

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weedolly bird said...

FYI!! I missed you,i mean like, look what i did(my wed 16ths 2nd comment)-cause I missed you soo much-never,never do that to us again!!lol x;+}