Wednesday, 2 July 2008

New Photo

A work colleague decided to enhance my blog photo, seeing as I've lost six stone. (Bless him)
I got to thinking, I'll put it on my blog and see if anyone comments on it, and if (It's a big if) they like it maybe, just maybe I'll use it to replace the old one.
I'm touched and it's really nice that someone has taken time doing this. I don't mind for one second people enhancing any photo of me, as long as they realise and except they may be repaid in full ........ Watch this space!


Glenn said...

Is there really any difference?

gazmagoo said...

I always thought you had bigger ears than that !!!!

wee dolly bird said...

Whoever it was that done that for you must have read my comment ages ago!! How cool!!!
Ps. Glenn,of course there is a difference!!lol x:+}