Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Belfast International Squareport

A news item regarding Belfast International Airport caught my attention today while surfing the BBC News website. The security staff at the airport had "a complete lack of consideration for those with mobility problems". Read the article
This happens all around the place. I witnessed a lady (Who has mobility problems) ask an outside security person at the terminal building at the George Best City Airport if she could get her local taxi to pick her up outside the building. She was told no and she had to walk to the portacabin at the short stay car park and wait. Not even a chair in the portacabin... How considerate
Anyway, I'm off to BIA tomorrow morning to pick some people up. I haven't been at the airport in ages so I thought I'd visit their website and check for any changes in parking arrangements. I went straight for the FAQs section. I can only say that even I was surprised at the most popular FAQs: (Even for Northern Ireland) Can I pack my souvenir Samurai sword in my hand luggage?

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