Thursday, 16 April 2009

A Green Day Today

My LSD bought me a greenhouse today. It's something I've wanted since moving to our present address. I opened the flat pack to find the instructions.. (AGGGHHHHHHHH) hundreds of parts to be checked.... It took me ages (Not the brightest you see) Hooray, all parts present and correct. Now to find the time. and a sunny day or two to put them all together.
(Fun times ahead, but I know she can do it)

1 comment:

wee dolly bird said...

Omw!! That's like a dream to me...i'd love that!! LSD really is a gr8 lady...
Oh and when you both get it up,and plant your mum planted carrots in a grow they obv couldn't grow down very far so they grew outwards...the cutest wee fat carrots...was yummy!!