Thursday, 9 April 2009


I'm sure it's the same in most sports, but the hate between fans of soccer in my opinion, would be at the top. We are into the closing stages of the champions league and my facebook has become a place of taunt between some of my friends who follow Liverpool FC / Manchester United .... They even went as far as using the application "The Teams I Hate With A Passion ". Now that's sad, even for them. The word HATE is described in the Oxford Dictionary as:

• verb feel intense dislike for or a strong aversion towards.
• noun 1 intense dislike; strong aversion. 2 informal a disliked person or thing. 3 before a noun denoting hostile actions motivated by intense dislike or prejudice: a hate campaign.
— DERIVATIVES hatable (also hateable) adjective hater noun.

Don't get me wrong, I like soccer, and I have the teams I prefer, but in all honesty, I can't say I hate any of the others. If my teams win or lose (They sometimes lose) it makes no difference in my life whatsoever. So I just don't understand the problem. I think some people just love to get annoyed, they look for stuff to offended them. The idea of paying mega pennies in travel, gate tickets etc, just to go along and watch soccer, get my blood pressure to boiling point, ruin my day if my team is beaten, just does not appeal to me.
Do you think for one moment that the superstars of these teams, who are getting paid mega pennies (Thanks to you and people like you) worry about how our lives are effected by their off days when they have a bad game and are beaten, especially when they drive home in their top of the range sports car to their luxury pad? (I don't think so) ...... Think about it....


wee dolly bird said...

I've never understood the footy holigans?? that never happens with the rugby supporters or any other sport come to think of it...they all are mingled in together...i read to think what would happen if footy fans were mixed in together on the stands!!Eek!! Oh and...Do you mind if i add you??...think about it!x:+}

Grumpyhead said...

As long as it doesent cost me money

Gazmagoo said...

I dislike Man Utd ..

Grumpyhead said...

See, things are getting better, you can do it if you try. At least you never said the word HATE. Now thats a great start to your thearpy Gazmagoo