Monday, 6 April 2009

Weekend Report

You may think a weekend report is a bit late on a Monday night, well, I can tell you I've had no time to blog until now. The weekend started for me on Friday lunch time. I had a half day and organised for my Son In Law to meet me for lunch. The Street was the venue for lunch and we had a sandwich before going for an afternoon social drink. RGB @ the Park Inn was the place I wanted him to see. I'd been in there before for a quick one (Drink) so fancied a relaxing one or two. As we walked through the bar I pointed out the big comfy chairs where I wished to plant my rear on. S-I-L sat down and I went to the bar to order. I was alone at the bar with a member of staff sorting glasses. I stood for four minutes before she grabbed a tray and went off to collect more dirty glasses. On her return she continued to ignore me so I had to say "Excuse me, are you closed" She said she never saw me. (Collecting the wrong glasses I thought). I asked for two small bottles of red to which she told me "We have none" .. I just got S-I-L and left. Morrison's here we come. We were joined later by our swamp ducks and it was planned to go out for dinner. Byblos (No web link earned) was the chosen venue when we got there we were told (And not in a very polite way may I add) we couldn't have a table as they were fully booked. I could only see two tables with anyone at them and loads of empty tables. They just didn't want our business it seems. I did say to the woman who didn't want our money, "It's no wonder small businesses go down the tubes turning away ready business" If they don't, I can say it wont be with the help of my money. I'll not be back.

Olio's got our money and well worth a visit, the meal was fantastic. I'll be back
The rest of the weekend went great.......


Waferino said...

So that's why I didn't see you when I popped in on the way back from my lunch on Friday. I called in to say hello-ooooo

wee dolly bird said...

I was in Belfast fri wit work..we got a rare outing...went on a tour bus,seen the sights,was fun,then i finally got to go on the wheel!!yes it was my first time!!loved it!i put some pics up!!
Awk Grumps,you shoulda headed to the Northern Wig,that's where we were!!

Grumpyhead said...

If only I'd known (On both accounts)