Thursday, 30 April 2009

Speaking of Squareports

After yesterdays post, I've now read, from today the George Best City Airport is not allowing motorists or taxis (Not based at the airport) to drop off or collect passengers outside the main terminal. A £1 surcharge will be imposed on taxis based at the airport. People hiring a taxi based at the airport will have the £1 surcharge past onto them through the fare. The £1 surcharge has been imposed by the GBCA. What will be interesting is, will they charge each passenger a £1 or is it a £1 per fare. (See also: Drop off ban arrives)
I have stopped using the airport taxi's anyway, as I found them unpleasant and in my experience they make you feel like a hindrance if you are only going into the city centre instead of further afield. Maybe now they'll be glad of any business.... (Still wont be mine though)


wee dolly bird said...

Omw!! I'm your 7777 Blogg visitor!!woop!! x:+}
Oh yes ..'n how rude of these drivers must take classes in rudness!! You'd b the guy to give them back cheek!! Go you!!wishing i was there when you do it...i strangely like uncomfortably awkward(for others) moments!!hehehe...thats bad!! x:+}

Grumpyhead said...

I'm glad you were not my 666 Blogg visitor....
7777 thank you, and your streaks in front of anyone else for the number of comments made...keep em coming