Tuesday, 19 June 2007

A Better Day

Someone was looking after me today, not a bad day all round apart for the driver in the black Corsa not knowing how to keep up with the car in front. she left that much space that lane changers (weaver birds) where able to slot in by pairs. Her rear parcel shelf was packed full with bags, no way was she seeing out the rear window, she must have thought no one was behind her.
I became a pedestrian after lunch and was waiting to cross the road, I noticed the traffic light changing from green to amber then red. This silver car (I gave them be benifit of the doubt) just about made it through the lights, an orange car that had been behind it just followed on through without a care in the world, to be caught in the traffic at the other side of the traffic lights. (100 yards distance, well worth risking the licence for, dont you think)

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