Thursday, 28 June 2007

High Plane Drifter

Arrived at Belfast International Airport to catch a flight for a work trip to England. After fighting my way through the smoke filled air at the departures doors in the main terminal where a collection of smokers where standing puffing their heads off. (It's very scary when you arrive at any airport when the first sign you see says terminal then comes departures, for those nervous fliers not words you welcome)
Into the fresh air of the check in. There it was my queue and no one at the desks. At last they opened the gates and forward I went. A bit of advice, never pick a queue with a family in front of you. The bags the passports the wait ..... so eventually I make the check out. The usual questions, "Did you pack your bag yourself, could anyone have interfered with it" and last but not least "Has anyone asked you to carry anything for them" no was the answer to all the questions. I had a question for her though, I asked "Could I have a window seat please". "Not a problem sir" if it wasn't a problem why hell did the seat I was given have a seat either side of it.
So my bag is on it's way to the hold in the plane so I headed for the departure lounge. Security has been stepped up in recent years so why do people still try and take liquids and cosmetics through security when there are signs everywhere saying not too, so yet again I was held up. Then it's shoes, belt, jacket, money keys and mobile phones all into a basket for scanning and a personal search (less the rubber glove of course ) At last in the lounge, now for a pint. While enjoying my pint and reflecting on the past moments got me thinking. After all the security checks I went through before I was allowed into the lounge why did no one see fit to check my bag which by now is getting loaded onto the plane. Is it that we all just look honest at the check in desk?

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