Sunday, 24 June 2007

Tescos @ Ballygomartin

Saturday evening I was kidnapped by my other half to go shopping. I had been out at a local hostelry (afternoon pass) and had a couple of lemonades with my new son in law. My good lady had offered to collect me which she did. I had not agreed to go shopping though, but alas I ended up at Tescos at Ballygomartin. I called for help but no one came to my assistance.

I thought I'd had too much of the devils buttermilk when i saw this car. One of my pet hates is people who park in disable spaces when they are not entitled too. The driver of this car has crossed the line (no pun intended) entitled too or not they should be ashamed of themselves taking up both spaces. Its the first time I've ever see two disabled spaces taken up by the one car. In all honesty who the hell parks like this. (They should have gone to Specsavers)

You should take a trip to Tescos at Ballygomartin to see the wonderful drivers who shop there. There are always loads of car spaces in the car park as some of the drivers just like the one in the picture just park anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Grumpyhead. I've seen similar car parking skills at Tescos in Portadown. Its definately not limited to Ballygomartin.