Saturday, 16 June 2007

Out In The Sticks

Nothing like driving early in the morning. I had to do a 190 round trip today, so made an early start. Made the motorway with no problems and never really met any of the look at me drivers until I was about 5 mile from my destination. I know I have mentioned 4x4s in an earlier post but they are everywhere. Driving down this country road, heavy rain beating off the windscreen, the wipers going at full tilt. I notice one coming towards me with a horse box in tow. I slowed down as it approaches and I couldn't believe my eyes. The driver (Female) wearing sun glasses…
The trip back was a little bit more eventful. Approaching Enniskillen from the Sligo Road traffic had backed up. There’s a lot of road works going on in the area, and loads of yellow boxes along the road. I was waiting for the traffic to move so I could enter then clear the box, as the traffic moved I moved. This Clio full of teenage culchies (probably going to the big town to see running water or the magic electric light) cut in front of me which meant the rear of my vehicle then was stuck in the yellow box. One of the young yokels in the back of the car gave me the V sign. (Which I thought was quite clever of him considering he was stuck in the back of a car which was stuck in traffic) As I know a little sign language myself I was able to communicate to him that I thought his name was Richard Cranium. Needless to say there was no reply. Don’t worry my vehicle was stopped when I took the picture.

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