Monday, 18 June 2007

Day Off

Day off today but still had some driving to do. It started with driving the missus in to work and from the time I drove out the gate I seemed to be fair game. The bottom of our street leads onto the main road about 30 feet from traffic lights. How many times have you seen these clampets, traffic lights at red nowhere to go, and still won't leave a space so you can access the main road to turn right. The best was still to come though, this time from a pedestrian. There she was the young mother, fake tan, loads of bling, pink baseball cap and jammys, feg in the hand and pushing the buggy occupied by a child. (she would have done Vicky Pollard proud ... yeah but no but). I spotted her from a distance (think the was visible from space) and as I was getting close she decided to cross the road and whats the first thing she did, that's right, pushes the buggy off the kerd then stops to see if any traffic is coming .... oh yes the pedestrian crossing was less than 50 yards away.... Do they still teach road safety?
Sitting at traffic lights on the Shankill road waiting on the lights changing to green I noticed a souped up knitting machine (50cc motorcycle) facing me on the opposite side of the road. I just knew by his body language he was busting to see the amber light to impress the car drivers by getting the machine away as fast as he could. His moment of fame came and went as he stalled the bike in front other traffic ...... no TT races for him ..... but oh how it made me smile

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