Saturday, 16 June 2007

The School Drop Off

Been there done it. Many a time in passed years I did my part as the dutiful parent by being the school taxi. Dropping the sprogs off picking them up, you know the story. I made sure I was early in dropping them off as I knew the bedlam that unfolds outside schools wither it be at the start or finish of the day, wacky races springs to mind. This morning those awful memories floated back as I was getting close to the local primary school.
When it's pouring down with rain it always brings out more cars driven by lovable mums who have to drive their kids the 100 yrds to school in case mummy gets her hair wet and think it is their God given right to park facing the wrong way smack bang on the pedestrian crossing zig zag line which they think someone has painted just for them to park on. They then precede to open the vehicles doors out onto the road so the kids can jump out into the path of oncoming traffic (No Tuffty club badge for them) Then there's the yummy mummy with her big 4x4 (Which she thinks equals 16 kids in the car) Probably the biggest thing they have ever driven before that is a silver cross pram. She thinks she is parked beside the kerb when in fact you have to use about litre of fuel to get round the thing and I'm sure the kids are exhausted by the time they reach the footpath.

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