Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Follow That Car

Have you ever had to follow a car. Today it was my turn. I was going to a place I wasn't sure how to get to (I don't have GPS either) so a work colleague said follow me I know where it is. As I was in the big vehicle and he (yes, it was a he) was in a niffty vw polo. I set off first with the knowledge that I'd be passed on the motorway, and all I would have to do is follow him to the location.
In the off side mirror (Drivers side for those who don't know) I spotted the car over taking me, great I thought but was I wrong. I thought the whole concept of following someone is that both parties have to keep visual contact with one another, anyway the fast car kept going and was too far in front of me that I never seen it leave the motorway so I sailed past the junction. What an awful feeling when you realise oops I should have turned off there. I had to leave the motorway at another junction and back track ..... can you really believe a guy who says sorry while busting a gut laughing??? Thanks mate I owe you.

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