Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The First Blog

I thought "Who Really Gives a Read or Write" is a fine title for a blog. To be honest I don't read blogs as a rule as I believe people who sit and create blogs have something lacking in their mainstream life and lets face it "Who Really does Give a read or Write"
As I have you attention at this moment in time I'll tell you a little about the direction I wish my blog to take.

In the past I have bent the ears of loved ones, friends, colleagues the odd dog in the street about what has annoyed me that particular day in my life and believe me I can get annoyed. I know fine rightly they don't want to listen or more to the point CARE. So I'll blog it and hopefully somewhere the world of blogging someone will in fact be supportive in what I'm ranting about and perhaps even understand where I'm coming from.

Rants to follow.

C ya.

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