Wednesday, 11 June 2008


My blog is a year old tomorrow. I never imagined that It would still be going after a year. (Thanks Glenn) At the beginning the address was a .com, but I had to change it to a I didn't know (Until I was told by a knowledge brother) how easy it was to find out the owners name and details of a .com (Not a sensible thing to have when you are ridiculing people) not that I ever do!

I was thinking of binning the blog, but the hits are increasing. I'd really like there to be more comments, positive or negative (I can always delete the negative ones) But thanks to the like of Wee Dolly Bird (Whoever you are) who regularly comments.
I'll keep it going for a while longer, until I run out of something to say. (I could become a woman, then I'd have loads to say)

Don't forget to wish the blog Happy 1st Birthday tomorrow!


wee dolly bird said...

Aaaaawwwwwwwww!! How sweet are you!! Your LSD has wee jem in you..and i'm so very sure she is glad you are a man n not a woman! said "whoever you are"..what do you wanna know?x:+}

grumpyhead said...

Sweet, me? your'e right you know. A jem, I am indeed

wee dolly bird said...

Now don't be goin' n getting a big head you...I was well chuffed,what with me getting a mention in your blogg n all..I may have exaggerated..i'm not sure!!lolx:+}