Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Made It

Have felt awful all day, think I'm coming down with something (No, it's not man flu) Tonight I thought I wouldn't make it to the weigh in at my Slimmimg World class. I made a special effort and am I glad I did. Despite the mad night out at the weekend, I had another 2lb off.
Making it my twelfth award. (Award given at every half stone)
(No, it wasn't a big drum. Norn Iron Joke)



wee dolly bird said...

Fantastic!! Tell Mrs.LSD I said you hada get a treat!!x:+}

Grumpyhead said...

I had my treat when I stood on the scales and learned I'd the 2 lb off I needed to get to my 6 stone off.
I have to be good the next few weeks as I'm off to England in July for the Slimming World man of the year finals .....
I can't believe it

wee dolly bird said...

Oh my word man!! If you don't win we'll start a protest...we Norn Iron people are good at that!!lol You're a star!!x;+}

grumpyhead said...

There's nobody left for protests during July....All busy elsewhere!!

Stuwise Gamgee said... - here's a something for the weekend for ya big lad. no pics of "Team Pink" at the races?