Thursday, 19 June 2008

What a great night last night. Ages since I'd been on the underground. £5.90 for a daily ticket. Well worth it may I add. Went shopping along Oxford Street for some bling (If you need bling, go to Oxford Street) This morning I headed up to Mary le Bone High Street (As I've heard it called) and spent the morning looking at a computer screen (Just like I'm doing now) Broke for lunch and went to a little cafe for soup (Spinach and lemon) I was asked if I would like small or large? (Why is there never an in between) I ordered a large, when it arrived I would have described it as a trough of soup (Enormous) it was gorgeous....
Back to the training room to finish then on to Heathrow for the flight back. Got an earlier flight back (Thanks BMI) Now, this time it was an Airbus A319, got an aisle seat at the very rear of the plane (I thought, happy days, as you never hear of planes reversing into mountains) The only problem about sitting at the back, by the time I got the refreshment trolley passing it was 10 minutes to landing. I had asked the air hostess to pass a lemonade to a friend who was sitting about 6 rows in front of me (I could not do it as I was blocked in by the trolley. She nearly ate the bake off me "We'll be out of your way in a minute" -"Yeah I said and landing in 9" she did it for me..... Bless her

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