Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hello Ducky

In my blog on the 11th May I had a photograph of a duck on my neighbours roof.
Now another duck came to visit my roof. No idea where it was looking for but I live in a rather built up area so the only thing I can think of is it stopped for a rest before heading off to some sanctuary down the coast.

Checked the gutter's but no sign of eggs.


wee dolly bird said...

You where up a ladder? LSD should have taken a photo of that!!

grumpyhead said...

Ah! you've got me thinking now. Perhaps the ducks are being atracted to this area because they know a LSD lives here?

wee dolly bird said...

She's like mother goose!!x:+}

gazmagoo said...

get that ducky on the barbie !!! some plum sauce would go nice with it !!!