Saturday, 7 June 2008

Summer Saturday

Went into town today and headed to Victoria Square. Had a marvelous lunch in the Oyster bar @ the house of Frazer and forced a few glasses of champagne down my gullet and some oyster shots (First time ever) before enjoying a smoke salmon salad and finishing off with a cup of black coffee.
Dandered to the Fossil shop where my LSD picked a lovely watch out, which I enjoyed paying for (The tears have yet to dry up)
Off to Stanley's on the Antrim Road to get some meat for the BBQ. Wow, a great T bone for me and a fillet for my LSD.
Such a beautiful night, sat outside listened to the birds singing while the BBQ was heating up and thought this is what summer Saturday's are all about.
Got the chimnea going, wine open, music playing and settled for the night. I just love the summer......The mint Bailey's has also been finished. With regards to something for the weekend ..... who cares ?.......

Live every day as if it's your last, because some day you're gonna be right


wee dolly bird said...

Do you have a drink problem...theres a group you can attend for that too,you may have heard of it?? Seriously though,in response to that end comment,i'm praying for you-we need to be ready for that day!!x:+} Ps.still loving the blogg!

grumpyhead said...

The problem I have with drink is I've only one mouth (Mind you it is a big one.

wee dolly bird said...

You are one wild wee man hi!!