Wednesday, 18 June 2008

An Eye Full

Had to go to London today. What a surprise I had when I boarded the BMI Airbus A320 at the Belfast George Best City airport to Heathrow flight and sat down. Seat 14F was the online allocated seat, I sat down and thought I'd been beamed up to business class. It's the first time since I've lost my weight that I've had to take a flight (On a plane)
The room I had was so unbelievable, I'd about a foot of strapping left on the seat belt, I had to pull the fold away table towards me and I wasn't elbowing the passenger beside me when I moved. It made me feel so good.
Anyway, I'd never been on the London Eye, so I ventured to the Westminster area and boarded. I wasn't disappointed even though the weather was dull. Compared to the Belfast Wheel ...... ahh ...... no comparison, the London Eye was brill. With a couple of friends, off to wagamamas we went for a nose bag, had so much great food, class of wine and good craic .... what else could one want?
"When it's not always raining etc etc"


wee dolly bird said...

That picture is excellent,wat sorta camera have you?

grumpyhead said...

Fuji FD50 ..... (Pocket size)