Friday, 13 June 2008

Giddy Up

Well, I did last night what I've always wanted to do. That was to have a horse riding lesson. It was fantastic and I have to say, I'll go and do it again. (When the bruising on my backend goes away) I arrived at Birr House Riding Centre and was told my horse was called Barney. Off I went to get fitted out with riding boots and the most ridiculous looking safety hat I've ever worn. When I got to the stables Barney was waiting and already saddled up. I was introduced to him, given the reins and told to lead him to the outdoor arena. Then came the hard bit, climbing on. (The guy behind me fell off his horse while getting on) My turn came and I made sure I was getting on. The lead horse started to walk, the rest followed, around the arena we went with the instructor in the centre giving the lesson. It was such a great feeling sitting on the horse. After about 20 minutes the instructor announced we were going to trot (See, getting the lingo) To cut a long story short, at the end of the lesson I was able to take Barney for trot around the arena without falling off. Getting off Barney wasn't too bad, The lady instructor said (Honestly) I had to take my right foot out of the stirrup, lean to the left, and that I needed to lift my right leg really high to help me get my leg over. (I did smile at this point)

I think I'll need a cushion to sit on today.


wee dolly bird said...

LOL Have you ever been on a camel? I mean the one hump type(as opposed to the two hump type where two people can sit-one either side)one hump is where you sit on the hump n cling on with your thighs..for dear life,dressed as Laurence of Arabia...OUCH!! I walked like John Wayne for almost two days after..sore is not the word..but its a good workout!!lol x:+}

grumpyhead said...

Never been on a camel ... Only took me 55 years to get on a horse!
Though, thats if you don't count the horse I was on owned by Mickey Marley.
(If you dont the name, google it)

wee dolly bird said...

I did what you said,i googled the good old days eh? You are turning into a right wee knowledge them types!!lmao x;+}

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the horse thankfully it wasn't a year ago other wise you and horse would die of exhaustion. ha ha im a funny get think i get that from me da

grumpyhead said...

You're a funny GIT ok (Thats the way to spell Git) I guess thats why you signed it anonymous ... forgot how to spell your name did you?
*a*m*n* (Try and fill in the blanks)