Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Getting There

Well, last week I had just a half lb off, I know the weight loss has to slow down sometime but I was disappointed with last weeks result. I have been getting complacent lately and just relying on my eye judgement with regards to amounts that should really be weighed. I decided to go back to basics and weigh everything that needed to be weighed according to the plan. It worked with a weight loss of 3 and a half lb off this week, making the total now:

5 st 9lb

I was banking on my 5 and a half stone mark (35 Kilos) this week, so I got my weight loss in potato's and I could not believe how heavy the bags were, it's hard to believe I carried them about daily for years. (They were not wasted I gave them away at the Slimming World Club)

Roll on 6 stone (Or is it roll off)

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