Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Deck The Halls

The Christmas spirit is just increasing daily in our house. Just watched this years first Christmas film on TV "Santa Clause 3" (Nice wee movie)
The dinning room has now been converted into what looks like a scene from a Christmas movie, I can't wait until the the old bird is lying in the centre of the table (Turkey), spuds and veg close at hand and the family (Minus a few) sitting around the table on the Santa covered chairs. (I'll not go as far as saying, and singing Carols!)
I usually lose the Grumpiness over Christmas (Peace and goodwill to all etc etc) so just like me, if you have any senior neighbours don't forget to pop in and say hello and make sure they're OK!.
Have to say, today is a sort of sad day for me like. (Sort, like, street talk, no what I mean like) I'm selling my Santa suit. With losing my weight I think it just wouldn't be the same being the jolly old thin man in the big red suit and having white hair and beard. I've been doing Santa for years and years and have always had a big red suit in my wardrobe, but time to move on..... It was a dream job, only had to work for three weeks in any one year... HO HO HO
(BTW only four weeks til Christmas Day)


wee dolly bird said...

You can still be "santyhead" !! You should keep the suit,stuff a few pillows in it,down it & round it!!
So looking forward to Christmas,-definately favourite time of the year..the meaning,the smells,the decorations..OHHH!!-but unfortunately have to work on Christmas day & Boxing day...only half days though,so home in time for the 3 course stuffin my mum so wonderfully makes & the traditional half-fall asleep during the movie,while still nursing the tin of roses on one knee & tin of quality street on the other..the celebrations & miniture heroes might b near hand somewhere too!!lol ox:+}
WOW!-^^-that's like an essay..

Grumpyhead said...

That was nearly as long as my blog... But I did enjoy reading it..

wee dolly bird said...

I'm stuck at home not well!(it's at times like these I praise the good LORD He made me a woman...so i can't get the dreaded "man-flu" lol) Anyways for that reason-(my excuse & i'm sticking to it)i wrote the essay,but i'm very glad you enjoyed it..even though you didn't smile...x:+}

Grumpyhead said...

Smile? me? I'd hate to have the name Smileyhead...

wee robin red suit bird said...

Umm..what were you saying about getting in the jolly mood??? That IS IT...i'm coming round yours..we gonna sing carols-out of tune who cares-it will b "a joyful noise"!!X:+}