Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The Holidays Are Coming

Ho Ho Ho.... The holidays are coming.... Christmas trees and decorations are already up in Ballysillan (Not sure if they ever came down from last year) I was passing a house last night and the tree and window decorations were glowing (No not on fire) Christmas lights.

I was passing the City Hall and a notice board for the Continental Christmas Market with be in town from the 19th November to the 20th December... Happy Day's


wee dolly bird said...

Hope the season brings the snow-and plenty of it-with it!!x:+}

waferino said...

Whoop whoop - I can't wait for canteenantal market!!!!! Let's go on the first Friday after work.
Re the christmas decoration - I say NO NO NO to them before the 1st Dec...and even that's too early (sorry Glenn)

Anonymous said...

Eh? Eh? Eh? The mind boggles! Is there some inter-office theiving going on I don't know about??????? Spill!!!!

Santa Grumpyhead said...

Too frightened to leave a name???. You must be a long serving staff member???....Ho Ho Ho

Anonymous said...

Scared & afraid!!! But I want in on the "festivities"!!!!! Tell tell tell