Saturday, 22 November 2008

Old Dog New Tricks

In the old days (What a saying) I got my friends around, put the projector and screen up, loaded spools and spools of Super 8 film, showed the movie and of course the hundreds of 35mm pics of the holidays, waved my friends goodnight and then tried to contact them the following day.. No chance! I had bored them away.... (Ok, nothing new there then I hear you say)
Equipment needed: A Super eight camera, spools of Super eight film (To be sent away for processing when finished, returned in about a week).. a projector and screen to play the films.. and things got even more complicated if sound was used. The 35mm films had to be sent away also for processing and at least two thirds of the photos were binned as they were dung.

Things are so different now... I just love the digital age... you can do all the above with the minimum equipment of just a mobile phone (With the required facility's of course, which most have anyway) some website or social network to host your movies and photos. and someones PC or upload straight from the phone. Another great advantage is you can view the result the second after you have taken the photo or movie and best of all, once uploaded to the web, if people want to see your media (Movies/Photos) it's in their hands, and they still remain your friends. I hear day and daily people saying "I'm to old to learn all that stuff" NONSENSE I picked it up and I'm nearly 45 (OK OK.. 50) (Oops, maths was never my strong point) Seriously.. it's great fun.... Give it a go... You're never too old for the digital age....

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